Bridging the gap within the Youth Community

Bridging the gap within the Youth Community

Bridging the gap within the Youth CommunityBridging the gap within the Youth CommunityBridging the gap within the Youth Community

Giving back through life-changing experiences.



GOD'S Children on the move.

Organization will strive to provide our youth with an opportunity to enhance their skills and talents in a positive environment by way of performance, training, tutoring, teamwork and most importance discipline. Supporting and preparing our youth in unity and strength, self-confidence, character, to help our youth to achieve his or her goals or dreams in a positive setting and atmoshpere.   

Our Goals


Learn positive leadership and responsibilites within a positive atmoshpere.

Building Career Skills

Basic Employment, Enterpreneur skills, learning personal financial management, checks and balance, personal hygiene necessities, resume writing skills, interview techniques and dress code conduct to achieve a successful career.

Positive  Behavior

Responsibities of a positive productive  individual, team work with in the youth community.

Talent Enhancement

A platform to help exsposing their GOD gifted talent and allow them to be diplayed  in the present of friends, family and peers. Focusing on building individual charcterists, self-esteem and allowing the youth community the ability to believe in themseleves.


Our Team

Our amazing team of full-time and part-time volunteers are committed to helping our youth community to grow, manifest and  improve behavior and social skills.

Our History

Seeing a need in our youth community to bridge the gap in social behavior and unity of their peers. God's Children On the Move,  a nonprofit work in this area, We formed  GCOTM a non-profit organization to provide sensitive and civil solutions to this form of behavior.  January 3, 2020 is the birth of

our organization. 


Help Bridge The Gap

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Thank you for your support and contributions, your support will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission to improve and develope with a positive impact in the youth community.

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